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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  November 12, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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the schedule and they only went four and five against the ease part of the schedule. what are the chances that you give this raider team to make the playoffs. >> if you can find a way to beat patriots, you can see how discipline this team is. you have to come out and hit them in the mouth and don't let them jump on you. this team has a great chance and they are going to start this week in mexico city. i believe this team will make the playoffs, this is going to be the crucial game this week. >> do you think that the patriots have the edge, they are staying in colorado in elevation. they are going to be there all week. the raiders are not showing up to mexico city until saturday night before the game. who has the edge. >> it is going to come down to who wants it more. new england are trying to get acclimated to the altitude.
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your body is not breaking down, so guys are prepared. that is going to go a long way especially sunday because i am telling, the atmosphere is going to be set. a lot of raiders, a lot of silver and black. >> i can't wait to see how it plays out. i hope they go 6-1. all right. a wild day of action across the nfl with several performances and celebrations that people will be talking about for a long time. we will have those next so don't go anywhere. who are these people?
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our nissan rogue play of the day, technologies innovations that excites. this is exciting.
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this could be the catch of a 2017 season. with the diving one added touchdown catch. unfortunately the redskins lost that day. today's boxit game changer. now falcons' defensive end, c y claiborne. oh my goodness, this was a man on a mission. >> look at this guy. come off the ball and off the corner. just running through tackles for this dallas cowboys. unbelievable performance. >> ridiculous. and the falcons won that game. also around the nfl, check this out. after the score, this is the best.
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he and belle reenact ed last week's fight. so a little trolling? what do you feel will that? >> these guys are doing too much. it is amazing how guys are acting crazy. it is sunday, they are having fun. but that one might be, a what are you doing? >> i love the playfulness. and before we go, we're both raiders fans who is winning the game and what is the gore. >> i believe raiders are going to go to mexico city and find a way to win the game. i am saying 28-21. it is going to happen because special team is going to be big. >> you don't want to get in a shootout with tom brady.
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right now on nbc bay areanies, a developing story in the north bay fire zone.
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the in coming rain has led to road closures. tracking a series of storms over the next week. >> good evening i am terry mcsweeney. >> and i am vicky nguyen. we will get to the situation in the north bay in just a moment. >> first, we want to check in with rob mayeda who is tracking a round of rain. >> relatively quiet for most of the bay area right now. beginning to see some light rain showers fairly powerful storm off the coast that will bring the biggest punch. so as we take you into the first half of your monday, you notice the north bay. morning temperatures will be in
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the 40s and low 50s. rain will start to move south as we head into the afternoon. the first of three storms in the next seven-days. even one progressively stronger. the wettest in the series of stor storm arriving for next weekend. two to three feet of snow in the sierras. back to you. >> you can track the incoming rain with our free nbc bay area app. now to that developing story in the north bay. we learned the fires that devastated roa devastated homes in the santa rosa. new warnings about potential flooding, mud slides and sink holes. shows a closure on rock creek road. crews are preparing to lay down
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steel plates over a section of the road that could be at risk of collapsing. nbc bay area christie smith. >> reporter: melted plastic pipes at eight sites. lisa gnattoli received a notice after officials went door to door. >> be alert for sink holes. >> reporter: her house did not burn but nearby many did. >> the fire actually went upstream and burned the entire length of pipe. >> reporter: he does not believe a vast area will be affected. today a melted pipe was being replaced after a sink hole opened up in open space behind homes. >> we have been out aggressively assessing the situation to
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understand it. i think it is important for folks to be aware of it. >> reporter: the message is that people should be prepared. >> if that gets to the point where it is mud slides or main roads are compromised, we are going to have to ask people to leave the area. i hope that doesn't happen. it doesn't sound like the rain coming is that severe. >> it is like what is next. it is good to know that we should be watchful. >> reporter: in santa rosa christie smith, nbc bay area news. things are getting back to normal for some. the santa rosa business recovery center is closing wednesday evening. it opened in an effort to help businesses impacted by the fire.
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oakland police and chp cracked down on dangerous side shows. the illegal sideshow was advertised on social media and police turned out in force to keep the streets safe. a woman was hit and killed by a hit and run driver. tonight we are learning new details on the crash. david gonzalez from our spanish language station telemundo 48 joins us live with the details. >> reporter: after dropping off flowers the couple we spoke to say they can't understand or even fathom someone would hit someone and leave them to die. the victim identified as teresa gonzalez from south san francisco and 44-years old, was
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a ray of light. known to help others and often times being a care taker for cancer patient. she had gone to the bowling center when she decided to go home and call an uber. when the driver arrived she said she parked right across the street and gonzalez went towards her, however a driver hit her. >> i will make sure we catch whoever did that to her. that woman did not deserve to be left in the street like that. >> reporter: looking for a black 1998 nissan. reporting live from south san francisco david gonzalez back to
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you. coming together for a san francisco local police officer. you may recall on october 19, bicycle officer was critically injured when a suspect of an suv ran him over and then drove off. he will moved to a rehab location. he enjoyed teaching jiujitsu to his fellow officers. so organizers felt tonight would be a great way to help. >> all teams coming together to help a fallen trainer in the community. so really special. >> the money raised to go will allow his wife to stay by his side. the high profile kate steinle murder case will continue tomorrow.
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he is accused of shooting and killing steinle. whether the shooting was intentional. the defense says it was not. arguing that he accidentally fired the gun and the bullet ricochet off the ground and hit her in the back. tomorrow the prosecution is set to present one rebuttal witness. growing tensions at stanford university tonight. robert spencer is best known for his appearances as a self described expert on radical islam. students opposed to the event say he is a pundit not an expert. they are asking college to bring
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in a scholar instead. some people on the peninsula don't want a gun store coming into their city. turner's outdoorsman plans to open in san carlos. the project is at a stand still and that is because the city council wants to issue a mer storium. a follow-up now to very scarey moments for kids and parents in san diego last night. 15 children released from a hospital after a stairwell collapsed at a gym. about 50 kids run up stairs at the same time when they were
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told it was time for pizza when the stairs gave away. a one time star of a u.s. soccer team says she was victim of sexual assault. plus the community favorite comes back to life in the north bay fire zone. the beloved museum re-opening. another tantalizing sweet from elon musk. while he is promising to blow your mind.
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from hollywood to politics and now to sports more accusations of inappropriate behavior towards women. >> a lot of the conversation by fans centered around an accusations from a one time stafrmt thom jensen is live with her story.
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>> reporter: hope solo says -- and she joins a list of hundreds of women and men across the country who have gone public with accusations against her alleged attacker. a packed house. where the u.s. women's team put on a show. much of the attention this week on one of the teams most storied players. record setting goal keeper hope solo who has more international wins than any other keeper in history. it is what solo and others are now saying off the field that has fans talking. >> thank them for paving the way for everyone to come out. >> reporter: publicly accusing former fifa president of touching her inappropriately in 2013. bravery they say that will help
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level the playing field for a new generation of young women in and out of sports. >> i think that anyone who comes forward with any situation that has happened to them has the right to be heard and also not only to be heard but the right to, you know, justice. >> reporter: solo joins hundreds of other women in recent weeks who have gone public with accusations against others in power. progress which is long overdue. >> i am excited that the world is willing to listen to it at this point in time and an exciting thing to be happening. >> i hope more people come forward and more change that happens as a result. >> reporter: the former fifa boss denies. brought by solo that had is a
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problem that is ramp pat in women soccer. the walk of fame in hollywood became the walk of survivor. hundreds of women and men came to participate in the me too rally. that hash tag started trending on twitter. >> i am a survivor of sexual harassment. i lost my job because of it. and i almost killed myself and i s survived because of my three babies and that is why i am here. >> the me too movement surfaced. since then a cascade of complaints have come out about actors politicians and businessmen. a weekend with tributes and parades for our veterans.
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the parade took place this morning beginning at the intersection of north .th and making its way to. >> i am here for both. >> veterans of all branches of the services took part. >> well the child m. schultz museum is back open. the museum and ksh the building wasn't damaged. ash got inside. >> the art on the wall had to be taken off and then we started cleaning the environment. we first brought in air scrubbers. >> 21 air scrubbers running
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24 hours a day for two weeks straight. a cleaning team went over everything top to bottom. they just want to help bring the community back together and make new memories. at today's events they took family pictures and framed them for free. >> charles schultz lost his home. you are talking about a series of storms. >> the midweek and next weekend storm could bring an inch or two of rain. the story right now, not a whole lot happening outside. the golden gate bridge looks dry. not many clouds either. dublin currently 51. hope the skies stay clear. tomorrow morning pre sunrise.
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check it out tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. to six hmm in the morning. so the impact on the morning commute we think will be from areas san francisco and oakland north ward. 40s and 50s to start the day. and possibly t-shirt weather tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 60s maybe few low 70s tomorrow. and the peninsula mid-60s. mild monday. rain moving from north to south. san francisco seeing highs in the low 60s and the rain in the north bay, highs in the low 60s for monday. notice no orange or red on the
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board. the timing here for the morning commute, areas north of san francisco, and in san jose you might have to wait for the entire day to pass before the rain picks up. behind the system a more significant follows for wednesday afternoon and thursday that will likely bring triple the rainfall we are getting. so maybe about an inch or two with that wednesday/thursday system and friday and saturday catch a bit of a break. and saturday night sunday, a stronger system coming through. sierra snow two to three feet by the end of next weekend. some light rain at times tomorrow. a break on tuesday and through wednesday morning and as we get into thursday we will see the rain through the morning hours
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and skies begin to clear. friday a bit of a break and by next weekend as we get into saturday night or sunday. so tomorrow, maybe just more of a wet road issue for the north bay. and watching for run off. tomorrow's system relatively light but over the next seven-days, see the total adding up. >> i wonder if people are making plans for the thanksgiving weekend ski plans. >> county by county rain totals coming up in the next half hour. >> still ahead of this special edition of the nbc bay area news, the president wrapping up his asia visit. powerful earthquake leaving
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dozens dead. one week after the mass shooting in a church.
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right now in this special edition of nbc bay area news, the president wraps up his asia tour. the fight against terror taking center stage. welcome back. the president's visit to the philippines come week after government forces drove isis out of the city. >> reporter: president trump ending his asia tour in the
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philippines. relations now strained by its controversial president. >> we can survive without american money. >> reporter: duterte is the tough taking leader and a man who just fought isis. and terrorism tops their agenda because of this. it's marawi or what is left of it. isis captured the philippine city holding it for five months before losing it weeks ago. more than half a million people fled this battle and you can see why, the destruction here is just astonishing. they look like the war torn streets of iraq or syria. but this was the new front line for isis in asia. it took the city with a few
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hundred men and held it despite daily air strikes. and a ferocious assault from troops backed by u.s. special forces. the army retook the city but only by destroying it. isis lost more than 900 fighters in the battles in these streets yet it is claiming victory because it held this city for so long. the battle here may be over. the threat from isis is not. they are still hunting for militants in the ruins. the u.s. and the philippines determined to stop isis from spreading across asia. president trump and duterte who seem to admire each other's record, now seem united. roy moore is losing ground to his democratic challenge.
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publishing accounts from four women. most recent poles now show democrat doug jones ahead in the race. moore has denied the accusations. alabama says it is too late to take him off the ballot before the special election. a massive earthquake near the iran and iraq border has killed. magnitude of 7.3. thankfully no large cities were near the epicenter. baghdad is almost 200 miles away. in sutherland springs, texas, people gathered to
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worship. the latest on the community struggling with grief but leaning on faith. >> reporter: the doors open again at the first baptist church in sutherland, spring. 26 empty chairs representing the loss. earlier hundreds flocked to the small town for a sunday worship service. >> i expected it to be more sad and heart breaking. but i can feel the joy of the lord. >> reporter: those who lost loved ones say they have been comforted by prayers and words of support. >> people from all over the united states have called and messaged through many, many ways to share their love and their understanding and every single one of them says the same thing. whatever you need, whatever we
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can do for you, we will do. >> reporter: would rshippers sa they will -- faith words of hope after a week of sadness. walnut creek teacher set to meet his court appearance. michael bartel has taught science. police said the allegations against him do not involve students at either of those schools. he was hired after a thorough background check and due in court on wednesday. parents of this boy who flew off a water slide is now going to serve the water park. he landed on concrete and family says he suffered injuries.
9:36 pm
the boy's family will hold a news conference. the rides have been closed. speaking of scarey moments there was durg an nfl game in buffalo involving a former cal bear. during the game today he made a head first tackle and suffered a frightening injury. doctors strapped his head and board before taking him off the field in an ambulance. the positive news is he has feeling in his extremities. >> that is scarey video. >> arnold schwarzenegger addressed the deadly consequences surrounding global warming. and he underlined the importance
9:37 pm
of taking climate change and impact on health seriously. >> time at that we wake up and talk about what really matters. here is what matters, the 25,000 people are dying every day because of pollution. >> governor jerry brown at the conference yesterday he spoke about president trump's decision to back out of the climate agreement. bringing some surprises for the astronauts. >> and we have ignition. >> the space company orbital atk launched a rocket this morning from virginia. carrying cargo and supplies for the astronauts. and the rocket is bringing care package from their families and thanksgiving food and christmas presents. could be a major change for
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uber, the international mega company that made a deal with uber and what it could do for the ride sharing future. maddy goldman what she is looking for that dos not involve the half pipe. if you encounter a downed power line, you need to stay away from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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aimmediately get everyone out of the building. call 911. the fire department and pg&e will respond immediately and figure out what the issue is and keep you safe. ♪ after a delay last month, anticipated unveiling of tesla's semitruck. here is what he said, tesla semi-truck to be unveiled. this will blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension. >> that's a big promise. >> then he went on. need to find my portal gun. many are expecting a futuristic concept looking truck. semi was scheduled to be
9:41 pm
released october 26. but it was delayed for help in puerto rico. a deal opening the way for a group of investors. investors would buy a significant stake in uber and usher it in becomes public. the investment could be worth up to $10 billion. last week uber ceo announced the company will go public in 2019. 87-days until the winter olympic. putting a spotlight on northern california athletes. garvin thomas tells us she hopes to repeat the success. >> reporter: more than anything being a gold medallist has given
9:42 pm
her a platform. we started though by asking maddy what her favorite part of 2014 was. >> for maddy bowman, it wasn't the opening ceremony although that was cool. >> we took in every moment. >> 720 for maddy bowman. >> reporter: and it wasn't even winning the gold medal although that was crazy. >> as an athlete, and as a human being, that high that you get when you win a gold medal, it is insane. it is the top of the top. it is insane. >> reporter: for maddy the best part of her experience didn't even happen in russia. it happened days later atop a fire truck in south lake tahoe. >> my favorite memory was when i
9:43 pm
came home and they hosted a parade from the high school in south lake to sierra tahoe. >> reporter: maddy's support had never been in the olympics before. on the national scene she was a bit of an unknown. so when all set and done, maddy couldn't wait to get back to the place she had always been known and loved. >> i was able to thank all of these people who helped me get here. from teachers to soccer coaches, my baby sitter that helped raise me. and they were all there and i could just, you know, i got to have a speech and i just thanked everyone. and i think that was the coolest thing for me was being able to share this with them and just like feeling the love. >> reporter: and even if maddy repeats in 2018, it will be a different experience. that's because while maddy continues to fly in her sport,
9:44 pm
it is no longer under the radar. those gold medals they give out turn out to be heavier than they look. >> everyone has this pressure that bills over four years and it is hard to figure out how to cope with it, and you know, we each do our own thing but definitely there. once i get my skis on my feet, i am going to be happy. >> maddy said once of her favorite experiences after the game was going to the white house with her gold medal to meet president obama. >> we are sending garvin to pyeongchang for the winter games. and you are watch all our interviews on coming up. why this isn't your average target. >> plus, does she have a guilty conscience. recovering stolen art.
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well good news for shoppers in berkeley, a new target is open for business. but it is not just any target store. this morning people gathered outside for the grand opening. customer feedback helped the store stock a smaller selection for custome of products in higher demand. someone shipped it back. new york police looking for this woman you are about to see right here caught on surveillance video. she sent 200 photos worth $100,000 in a large fedex box. they were taken from the wall at the museum in queens and four days later, they showed up at
9:48 pm
the museum in that box. >> i would say buyer's remorse but she didn't buy. >> borrowers remorse. child running into the street. now it is going varieiral. a bus stops and let's a group of kids out. most of the kids wait by the roadside, two run into the street. the truck driver sounds his horn and flashes his lights in warning. the truck slams on the brakes. the driver of the red truck couldn't see the kids until the last moment. >> brakes on that thing. >> i was going to say -- >> maybe a different kind of brakes in europe. compared to, that we don't have any problems around here.
9:49 pm
little bit of rain. medium to right rain for the north bay. we could use the rain especially for the south bay when you look at the numbers for the rainfall season. we are actually about 24% of 58% of average. falling behind. at this time tonight, that santa rosa number will be close to average. right now a dry drive across the bridge. dublin 51 and into san jose seeing temperatures in the mid-50s. and we think we will see a mild day tomorrow. still jacket weather for the morning and umbrellas we think north of san francisco for the morning. would not rule out maybe low 70s before the rain arrives late on
9:50 pm
monday for san jose. peninsula temperatures and even on the coast, half moon bay in the low 60s as wind picking up out of the south. san francisco will see a few areas of light rain i think for the morning. for the north bay, that rain getting started around midnight ton the and slowly marches south as we head through the day. hour by hour. bay bridge north and then we head into midday, still a lot of clouds but not a lot of rain in the south bay. one of the trends has been to weak a system. by the time we get to 11:00 and midnight tomorrow, that will be the chance to see the rain. rainfall estimates of the first storm maybe a quarter inch up
9:51 pm
here in santa rosa. this thing should be gone by tuesday. on its heels should be a second system. bit more moisture to work with. higher rain totals wednesday night on to thursday. then we catch a bit of a break. every two to three days we should see a storm system coming on in. a little bit of sub tropical moisture. the rain seems to be focused on sunday. so three chances of rain. the heaviest wednesday night and ahead this time next weekend. as this pattern continues as we add up all the rain totals in tomorrows of rainfall around the bay area. this wednesday to thursday system will drop closer to an inch of rain in the north bay. san jose will get a third of an inch of rain.
9:52 pm
take you through next weekend, adding up through all three storms. looking more significant. watch the red here. some of the hills possibly getting into purple here, which would be two to 3 inches of rain. san francisco adding up to close to an inch of rain by the end of next weekend and in san jose. this verifies, the chart you saw in the beginning. we can do a lot of catching up here over the next several days. now fort syria elevations above 6,000 feet, we will see two to three feet of snow. snow totals initially above 7,000 feet but dropping as low as six though feet and maybe
9:53 pm
5,000 feet at times as we get into thursday morning. this is good news. ski resorts trying to open up. this should be the kick starter for the ski season. how things will impact your seven-day forecast. looking at showers at times for monday. light rain. wind picking up wednesday into thursday. and then that third system comes in on sunday. as you can see there, three storm systems spread out with breaks in between. tomorrow just some lighter rain and watching the wind picking up. maybe some of the culverts being damaged by the fire. next weekend as that rain adds up. >> you said two to three feet of snow. >> and possibly more. this is good news to get the
9:54 pm
snow pack started in the sierra. well, it took a while, but the 49ers is finally starting to celebrated. fallon smith is here with sports. >> reporter: fallon smith here. the 49ers came into sunday 0-9. the worst start in franchise history. so getting a win was important to everyone in santa clara. the game took on a different for goodwin. he blew a kiss to the sky and dropping to his knees in prayer and overcome with emotion. he and his life morgan lost their baby boy due to complications of pregnancy. his wife had to pre maturely
9:55 pm
deliver the baby at 4:00 a.m. this morning. i couldn't imagine going through that and playing a game on the same week. as for the game, finally first win of the season. let's show you how they did it. 49ers and the giants. second quarter new york got 6-3 until this. c.j. beathard airs it out and it is right in the picnic basket of goodwin. 83-yard touchdown. as we mentioned earlier, goodwin overcome with emotion. new york goes up 13 to ten. san francisco will not be outdone.
9:56 pm
beathard finds cellar. third quarter now, third and two for the giants. manning looking for sterling shepherd and oh my goodness, makes the one handed grab. what a play there. giants later miss a field goal. fourth quarter, 3-2 from the 11th yard line. dives for the touchdown and gives the 49ers an 11 point lead. and later, breeda gets the hand off and dances his way all the way to pay dirt. 33 yards for the touchdown. 31-21 the final. and first one as head coach in the nfl. >> it makes me feel real good.
9:57 pm
they have been great, man. so we owe it to them and we are going get it turned around for them. >> we enjoyed it. we got one early. able to come back. responded. two turnovers in that game and our defense gave no points off it. a couple of mistakes and it didn't kill us. doing good on third down helps you stay out there and more balanced happy for the guys. it feels great. >> not a better feeling. that's why you play sports, the feeling in your locker room with your teammates celebrating the win. >> first of many. i am proud of my team the way they fought. this team is special. i am excited about our victory and how far our team push. >> tough season for the 49ers so
9:58 pm
good to see them get their first win of the season. steph curry is questionable with a right side contusion. he is going to be fine. that's it for sports. >> small contusion. >> when the 49ers led by four points it was the largest lead they had with for all season long. >> be back at 11:00. >> see you soon. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9?
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how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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♪ i eventually heard a lot of details i didn't really want to hear. i had nightmares for months. >> they had their ups and downs. >> it was a relationship of extremes -- hot, cold, wild, calm. >> everything was about brianna. everything. >> reporter: so the child was the glue that held them together, but it was also the source of a lot of this friction? >> correct. >> when buttons are pushed, people get angry. >> there's a large amount of blood. >> we don't know what happened. >> you have wet paint. >> it was on the front of her body.


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